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Do It Yourself WebSite Management Tools

When you log in to the Do It Yourself Website Management Interface, you will find plenty of instructions and lots of intuitive options on how to manage your new website. There are "standard" built in sections that you can use for your website and optional sections you can add to customize the website to meet your needs.

  • Start with "Site Management" to edit the following:
    • Contact information including Address, Alternate Phone, Email Address
    • Website Page design options including Templates, Header Types, Colors, Text, Fonts and Images
    • Search engine tags including HTML Meta Description and Keywords and the Website Name
  • Then go to "Page Management" to edit the following:
    • Home Page including Text, News Teasers, Scrolling Messages, Web Polls and optional Splash Pages
    • Optional Features including Calendar, Local Weather, Guest Book, Site Search, Site Map
    • Custom Sections including Text, Gallery, Forms, Outside Links or News pages
  • Then you can Manage Your Website using other tools including:
    • Image Management for all the images you have uploaded
    • Forms Management for interactive forms
    • Document Management for uploaded pdf and other documents
    • Website Calendar for scheduled events
    • Web Polls to take an informal poll of your visitors' opinions
  • Use the Help link for a summary of the context sensitive help you will find throughout the website builder.
  • Use the View Your Website link to see how you are doing while you work.
  • Use the View Usage Reports link to see traffic statistics about your visitors.

Create Your Own Web Pages

Custom sections can be named anything you like such as "About Us," "News and Events," "Company History," "Contact Us," "Products" or "Services." You can add sub-pages to any custom section and your sub-pages can also be any one of the five page types available: free form text pages, image gallery, news and events, interactive forms or outside links.

You can add images or photos as needed to any text page of your web site. You can add links, tables and perform any text formatting that might be necessary from an interface that's a lot like a word processor.

Free Optional Features

Other free built in, standard items like the poll, the site search, the weather, the guest book and the site map are optional. You can turn them on or off as needed from the back office administration area. You can also fashion a custom "splash" page if you wish that is completely different from the look of your inside pages. If you don't want a splash page, then visitors can start using the site immediately without an introductory page. You can make any page password protected so that only "members" can access the page with a username and password of your choosing.

Levels of Administrator Access

Administrators can be assigned different levels of access for managing your web site. For instance, an administrator can be assigned to manage either the entire site or just the "news and events" section.

Password Protection

You can also assign "members" access to certain sections of your site. If you turn on password protection for a page, access to that page is protected by the username and password assigned to members.

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